Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Zionists & Blairites Stoke Antisemitism

Tonight Labour's National Executive Committee will vote on adoption of the 'full' IHRA definition of antisemitism, i.e. the definition itself plus all the appended examples. If the proposal goes through - and it seems likely that it will - all legitimate criticism of Israeli state terror will be outlawed in the Party. Any Party member who dares to call Zionism a racist ideology, or who dares to point out that  Israel was founded on a policy of ethnic cleansing (nowadays pretty much the mainstream academic view), will be liable to suspension and expulsion.

Israel decided some time ago that the only way to halt the slide in grass-roots support for its appalling policies was to deliberately push the line that anti-Zionism equals antisemitism. The UK was a specific, key target in that operation.

Four factors have led to the success of Israel's intervention in the current Labour Party struggle.

Firstly, the Israel lobby has found a willing ally in the Blairite wing of the Party, who are prepared to use any smear that weakens the Corbyn leadership. They are not interested in the wider consequences. They are 100% focused on forcing Jeremy and his circle out of office.

Secondly, the self-appointed 'leadership' of the Jewish community - the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, a handful of religious leaders and a second-rate actress - have been prepared to lauch a rolling series of dishonest and increasingly risible attacks on the Party. In reality, the vast majority of Jews know full well that there is a world of difference between Hitler's Germany and Britain in 2018 - but our 'leaders' are willing to gloss over that in order to promote their pro-Israel agenda.

Thirdly, the mainstream media - particularly 'liberal' outlets like Channel 4 News and the Guardian - have conducted a campaign that is staggering in its consistently dishonest reporting and in its underlying cynicism. We should also give an honourable mention here to the BBC, which has managed to outdo itself in peddling disingenuous twaddle around the issue twenty-four hours a day.

Fourthly, and perhaps crucially, our own side has adopted a strategy of retreat and appeasement that has enabled the Zionists to find themselves standing today on the brink of outright victory. Jeremy's response has been feeble, while Momentum has played a consistently equivocal role in the debate on antisemitism. Jon Lansman must surely bear the brunt of the responsibility for that, muddying the waters over the distinction between anti-Zionism and antisemitism, and refusing to call out the spurious nature of the accusations.

Outside of the Westminster bubble and the Looking Glass World of the mainstream media, the effects of the debate have been equally poisonous but rather different from what the 'liberal' establishment might have expected.

Labour does not appear to have been impacted negatively in the opinion polls. There is a growing impatience and frustration amongst ordinarily people, both inside and outside the Party, with the constant claims of antisemitism and the outrageously florid language in which they're couched.

People's real concern is with real issues - the NHS, pensions, benefits, workplace rights, housing etc - not with the faux outrage of Jewish community 'leaders' or Guardian editorial writers.

And in a country where Black and Asian people face institutional racism, and where Muslims face daily violence on the streets, the endless focus on antisemitism is an insult to the lived experience of other minority communities.

Antisemitism was very much a discredited fringe position before the current crisis blew up, outside of the hothouse world of internet conspiracy theories. But there is anecdotal evidence that the constant barrage of anti-Corbyn propaganda, combined with the ridiculous tirades of the Jewish community's so-called 'leaders', is beginning to change all that. Add in the fact that Israel, which loudly claims to 'speak for all Jews' - a lie echoed by those self-same 'community leaders' - while it brutally suppresses Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and one can see why people's patience is wearing thin.

There is every risk that in the wake of current events antisemitism will gain a new respectability. I doubt many of the current movers and shakers behind the anti-Corbyn campaign will care about that. Indeed, it will reinforce the position of Israel and the Zionists, whose very raison d'etre is  that Jews will never be safe outside of the 'Land of Israel'. As for the Blairites, the demise of the Corbyn leadership is worth any cost - and for all their bleating about antisemitism most of them really couldn't give a damn about what happens to this country's Jewish community.

It is ironic that the Zionists and the Blairites have done more to promote antisemitism in the UK than the far right have managed in fifty years of propaganda and agitation. If the IHRA definition and examples are adopted in full tonight, the situation can only get worse.