Monday, 8 April 2019

JVL Condemns JLM's Jezzaphobia

The Jewish Labour Movement has made the news again by passing a motion of 'no confidence' in Jeremy Corbyn. This will hardly come as a surprise to anyone who's followed the activities of this organisation, which proudly trumpets its affiliation to various Zionist federations and its alliance with the racist, colonialist Israeli Labour Party.

One Jewish comrade raised the following point in resonse to their grandstanding:

"There are some 300,000 Jews in Britain. The Jewish Labour Movement claims to represent us all. So why were there fewer people at their AGM than at my Labour Party branch AGM?"

This is even more surprising, given that anyone can join JLM and vote at its meetings. You don't have to be Jewish, and you don't even have to be a member of the Labour Party! It remains something of a mystery that their claims of holding some kind of mandate have fooled so many people for so long.

Meanwhile, in response to the latest outburst of JLM hysteria - or 'Jezzaphobia', as I shall call it from now on - Jewish Voice For Labour has published the following brief but  statement:

Jewish Voice for Labour is shocked that the Jewish Labour Movement, at its Annual General Meeting this weekend, passed a vote of no confidence in the twice elected leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn. Their resolution proclaims that “he is unfit to be Prime Minister”.

The implication of this is that JLM – a body affiliated to the Labour Party and represented within its structures – does not intend to campaign for votes for a Labour victory in forthcoming elections. This seriously calls into question JLM’s legitimacy as a party affiliate.

The position adopted, clearly suggesting that a UK government led by Jeremy Corbyn would be against the interests of British Jews, will be unacceptable to the vast majority of Labour Party members including large numbers of Jews. Jewish people, like all citizens of the UK, need a Corbyn-led Labour Government committed to ending austerity, investing in social housing and our crucial public services, pursuing an ethical foreign policy based on justice for all and standing firm against all forms of racism including antisemitism.

Jewish Voice for Labour intends to continue to represent Jewish members of the Labour Party who support the leadership in seeking to defeat a moribund and chaotic Conservative government and working for real economic and social change for the benefit of the majority of citizens.

See original statement here.